IcyCraft CE


The behavior pack is essentially a series of Look-up-Tables.


There is a lot that a Tile can do, but limited by the number of LUTs.

A block/item can be a wall or floor.
It can be a ladder up or down or not at all.
It can be a chest or crafting method, or something even more interactable. (COMING SOON)
It can be placeable or not, breakable or not.
Break times are variable.
It can become an entirely different tile when placed downward versus upward.
It can drop any tile, and anywhere from 1 to 64 of it!
(I might change those numbers to 0-63 instead. So I can use the upper two bits for more cool stuff!)
It can update into any tile in any time from 1 in 0 (always) to 1 in 255! (almost never)
It can satisfy hunger, or be inedible.
It can have any name you wish up to 15 characters, followed by a null.

Biomes can be spawned at specific layers, and have a palette which the generator chooses from.
Pro tip: Put a tile more than once in that list to have it spawn more frequently.
A biome can even be spawned more or less frequently: 1 in X chance to spawn for every 3 in 4 tiles. (X is the first byte)
Each biome is 64 bytes in size, and has 62 bytes availible to be randomly placed in a chunk.

Structures can be spawned at specific layers, and have a size of up to 8x8 tiles.
The first two bytes are the minimum and maximum layers in which the structure will spawn. (This may or may not work 100% yet)
The next byte is the chance (1/X) for the structure to spawn in a given chunk.
The fourth byte is the size of the structure. (Y*16+X)
Each structure is 128 bytes, so expect more customization stuff in the future! ;)

Any texture in the game can be changed, including the heart sprite and the player sprite!
For tile textures, see "Textures.txt".
Otherwise, see the "HUD SPRITES" heading.

Anything can be crafted into anything else in any method of you choice, if you make it so!

And now it is possible to have a tile update based on adjacent tiles!
Also you can have a tile place an item, amount into the player inventory, and/or the tile!
And of course, you can remove items as well.


The recipes are now stored in the same appvar as the rest of the behaviors.
There are 256 tiles, each tile gets its own entry.
It is ordered as follows:


256 bytes: block/item flags
[high] bit 7 - if set, the player will not be able to move onto this tile
bit 6 - if set, this tile will move the player up or down
bit 5 - if the above is set: set=up, unset=down
bit 4 - if set, this tile can be interacted with
bit 3/2 - 00=chest, 01=crafting table, 10=furnace, 11=Other (given in the Tile crafting method LUT)
bit 1 - if set, this block can be placed
[low] bit 0 - if set, this block can be broken

256 bytes: tile downward place

256 bytes: tile upward place

256 bytes: tile damage values (if the block is placeable, will act as value needed to break. Otherwise it acts as a tool)

1024 bytes: tile drop and update values
First byte: drop item
Second byte: drop amount
Third byte: update to
Fourth byte: update chance (1 in X)

64 bytes: Z above 64 tile spawning
64 bytes: Z at 64 tile spawning
64 bytes: Z below 64 tile spawning
64 bytes: Z below 24 tile spawning
The above 4 lines: First byte is default 'tile broken' tile.
The second byte is the defult generated tile.
Followed by up to 61 different BiomeIDs to randomly choose between,
and finally, a null.

4096 bytes: TileID names. Each one is [up to] a 15 character string, followed by a null.

288 bytes: Creative inventories. Each one is 72 bytes and there can be up to 4.
Every two bytes is: Item, Amount.

1 byte: Amount of Biomes. This is also the number of structures
64 bytes: Each Biome is a list of TileIDs to randomly choose between and place on roughly 3/4 of the tiles.
If the first byte is 0xFF, then it will not initially fill with the default generation tile.

1 byte: Number of structures
128 bytes: Each structure starts with 1 byte minimum layer, 1 byte maximum layer,
1 byte spawn frequency, (1 in X chance to spawn) and 1 byte structure size.
This size byte is actually broken down into two nibbles, where each one must be between 1 and 8.
IcyCraft will default to 8 if higher, and won't put the structure if zero.
NOTE: A structure can spawn in any biome. Air does not count.

256 bytes: Tile hunger saturation

256 bytes: Tile crafting method


8x8 sprites: player sprite
HP sprite


Each recipe is 16 bytes long.
There must be 2 null bytes at the end of the recipes, otherwise the player can scroll past it in the crafting menu, causing unexpected effects!

Each recipe starts with 1 byte determining how it must be crafted.
00 can be crafted from any method
Otherwise, it can only be crafted from the corresponding crafting method

In the default resource pack:
01 can only be crafted from a crafting table
02 can only be crafted from a furnace

The following 2 bytes are the resulting TileID and amount to give.
The next 12 bytes are the ingredients. TileID, amount.
NOTE: any recipe with an ingredient requiring more than 64 of an item CANNOT be crafted.


See complex.html for details


This is the same data as would be in a texture pack appvar, but appended to the behavior pack.
256, 66b sprites.
First 3 bytes of the behavior pack data are the offset of these textures.


In the "default_resource_pack_source" folder, there will be a program called "ICYBVSRC".
This is the ICE source file for the default behavior pack